Virtual Journal of Orthodontics

Current issue VJO 13.4

The Virtual Journal of Orthodontics is an Open Access journal published online. The full text of each article is available online at https://vjo.it . The journal reports current researches on basic and clinical studies in the field of orthodontic research. The journal publishes articles including Review, Original Article, Case Report, Research Highlight, Meta-Analysis, Editorial, Letter to Editor, etc. Moreover, images, videos about orthodontics and related stomatological research are also welcome. The journal does not charge for submission, processing or publication of manuscripts and even for reproduction of photographs.

Fondatore e Direttore Responsabile: Dr. Gabriele Floria
Viale G. Amendola 6, 50121 Firenze, Italy
Fax: +390553909014, E-mail:

NLM U. ID: 100963616, OCoLC: 40578647

Il V.J.O. è un periodico medico-scientifico registrato presso il Tribunale di Firenze con il n° 4583 il 25-05-96

Iscrizione C.C.I.A. n° 31515/98

How to publish: https://vjo.it/contribute/

Mission: The Virtual Journal of Orthodontics (V.J.O) is the first on-line, paperless orthodontic journal.

It deals exclusively with orthodontics focusing on:

  1. Professional update in orthodontics via the internet, and presentation of case reports and original articles.
  2. Providing an open international forum on interesting and controversial clinical arguments.
  3. Contributing to the creation of diagnostic and treatment standards which may serve as guidelines for practitioners and permitting the creation of a large database of clinical reports suitable for research and for quality verification needs.
  4. Providing information on courses, lectures, conferences and other upcoming orthodontic events. (Orthodontic Meeting)
  5. Creating a database with statistics and research purposes in dental traumatology, pharmacology, and material allergy.
  6. Publishing on the net a comprehensive orthodontic dictionary to standardize terminology using English as the main language.
  7. Collecting information and materials about the history of orthodontics. Our concept of networking is not just a refinement of old models of publishing, but a new and exciting medium which combines text, image, animation, and interactivity. V.J.O provides the best professional update coverage and quality certified program to its worldwide users.

The information provided on this site is designed for professional practitioners and does not replace the relationship between a site visitor and his/her existing physician.