Editorial of fourth issue

Italian Synonyms and antonyms At last this magazine has a new and definitive title: “Virtual Journal of Orthodontics”. It is necessary first to clearify our interpretation of “virtual”. The origin of this word comes from latin “virtus”, a term to which both Aristotle and Machiavelli attributed the meaning of “power”,…

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Issue 1.3

Editorial – Gabriele Floria DDS (editor VJCO) Orthodontic History – Part three Anterior and canine retraction: Biomechanic considerations (English – Italian) Occlusodontology (English – Italian – French) Pendulum Modify Appliance Case Report (English – Italian – French) Occlusion and motion action (English – Italian)

Issue 1.2

Editorial – Floria G. (VJO Editor) Orthodontic History: Part Two Storia Naturale dei Denti Umani (Parte 1 – Parte 2 – Parte 3) di John Hunter (1728-1793) Technical Orthodontics (English – Italian), (Thermosealed retainer) Orthodontic pliers and sterilization procedures (English – Italian) Dental Traumatology (English – Italian) Orthodontic Splint Extracellular…

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