Issue 9.4

The esthetic zone of Smile


Timeless human esthetics implies a sense of beauty, a pleasing impulse, naturalness, and a youthful appearance relative to one’s age. The goal for esthetic treatment should be an enhanced but natural appearance that imparts a vibrant and believable appearance to the patient. This should be our goal in dental esthetics: a result that would be considered “bright, beautiful, but believable.” Nowadays increasing, patients seeking treatment present with the primary concern of an esthetic enhancement of their smile. 

This article will focus on the various smile design concepts and present smile parameters that will help the reader to design their esthetic treatments. The smile design concepts have been presented in various forms of tooth morphology, shade, shape and related to other structures scaffolding the smile . It is important to understand that when planning smile designing it is a broad aspect to be covered as esthethics is finite. Therefore planning treatment it is important to consider the esthethic zone of smile. Here I would suggest the various smile design zone parameters that are to be taken into account for planning any smile design procedure in orthodontics.

Dental arch morphology in adult cleft patients

Abstract: Using geometric morphometric methods to compare the dental arches of adult cleft patients with a unilateral cleft lip and palate to a group of eugnathic adults.

Aesthetical Standards and New Technologies: a Comparison

Abstract: The aim of this work is to evaluate whether some facial components have a stronger impact than others on the perception of beauty and to determine whether classical aesthetical standards are still valid for the current face types.

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