Self-ligating brackets


Alberto Mazzocchi MD, DDS, VJO associated editor
Bergamo, Italy

During the last years, several self-ligating brackets were manufactured by different companies. Initially they were proposed to avoid periodical changing of elastic or steel ligatures, and to reduce mouth soreness in patients and accidental puncturing in orthodontist’s hands.
More hygiene and less trauma for everybody.
Another advantage was pointed out: minor friction between orthodontic wire and bracket slot. This is a specific goal which Dwight Damon technique presents showing wonderful results. Damon bracket has a .022″ slot and a click-on wing which can “close” the wire allowing a wide space between bracket slot and orthodontic wire.
Proceeding by .012″ NiTi wire in the alignment phase, orthodontists can obtain a very light and constant force. D.Damon showed new alveolar bone growth even in “impossible” cases where 4 extractions could be the only option. He says that light and continuous force produces movements in the bio-zone that is a tissue area where there are no microcirculation defects produced by compression forces. Thus, having a bone with adequate oxygen support means bone remodeling and opportunity of dental movements even outside the usual skeletal bone limits.
Is it a strange theory to sell new expensive brackets?
I do not think so, first because of the seriousness of Dwight Damon, seconds because of Damon’s orthodontic cases that he shows during his lectures.
Orthodontics is an amazing discipline where new technology is often offered. I think that bio-zone ideas open new frontiers which we have to explore. And this is an opportunity that we cannot miss.