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Autotransplantation of Cryopreserved Teeth: A Review

Abstract: Autotransplantation of teeth, if carried out successfully, ensures that alveolar bone volume is maintained due to physiological stimulation of the periodontal ligament. Autotransplantation has been carried out for many years, but with varying success rates. As a result, it is seldom regarded as an appropriate treatment option for patients. Autotransplantations of teeth are widely used in cases of severe impactions, early loss of permanent teeth, or congenital aplasia. However, sometimes patients may not have a donor tooth available because of previous extraction.

To solve such problems, teeth cryopreservation systems have been developed. There are many clinical reports and animal experiments showing the efficacy of teeth cryopreservation. Hence, unnecessary wisdom teeth, supernumerary teeth and healthy premolars extracted by orthodontic treatment should be used as donor teeth for replacing a missing tooth in the future. In this review, the biological properties of cryopreserved teeth, clinical application of missing teeth are discussed.

Keywords: Autotransplantation, Cryopreservation, Ectopic eruption.