Issue 11.2

A 3-dimensional finite element approach to predict the rate of rapid canine retraction by dentoalveolar distraction


Objective: To determine the rate of space closure by finite element method during rapid canine retraction using dentoalveolar distraction and to correlate its findings to the rate of canine retraction in a clinical scenario.

Materials and Methods: Treatment records (CT scan, intraoral photographs) of the patient undergoing rapid canine retraction using distraction protocol were obtained for the purpose of creating finite element models upon which forces of 250 grams were applied to simulate the retraction procedure.

Results: Finite element analysis for space closure upon first simulation happens at the rate of 0.85 mm per day with 0.8 mm activation of the distractor device two times a day.

Conclusion: The gap closure on day 1 was observed to be 0.85 mm, hence on a linear assumption and scale, it takes 9 days for complete closure of extraction space measuring 7mm.

Keywords: Retraction rate, Rapid canine retraction, Finite Element Method.

VJO 11.2