Issue 2.1

Editorial – Floria G. (VJO Editor)

Osseointegrated implants (EnglishItalianSpanish)

An easy and comfortable solution to maximum orthodontic anchorage
Alberto Mazzocchi MD DDS
Silvia Bernini DDS

Metal Injection Molding in Orthodontics (EnglishItalian)

Gabriele Floria DDS
Lorenzo Franchi DDS PhD Cand

OrthoTIPS (EnglishItalian)

“Morphing” a removable prosthesis in an orthodontic appliance

Ac.C.O. modified appliance (EnglishItalian)

Sergio Colli MD DDS
Giambattista Carnevale Miacca MD
Celso Minghini Dent. Techn.

Ac.C.O. modified appliance