Issue 4.2

Editorial – Alberto Mazzocchi MD, DDS (VJO associated editor)

During the last years, several self-ligating brackets were manufactured by different companies. Initially they were proposed to avoid periodical changing of elastic or steel ligatures, and to reduce mouth soreness in patients and accidental puncturing in orthodontist’s hands.
More hygiene and less trauma for everybody.
Another advantage was pointed out: minor friction between orthodontic wire and bracket slot. This is a specific goal which Dwight Damon technique presents showing wonderful results. Damon bracket has a .022″ slot and a click-on wing which can “close” the wire allowing a wide space between bracket slot and orthodontic wire.
Proceeding by .012″ NiTi wire in the alignment phase, orthodontists can obtain…..

A new method for the assessment of changes in molar inclination during RME (EnglishItalianSpanish)

Metin ORHAN, Serdar ÜSÜMEZ

Abstract: The authors show a simple technique to evaluate the changes in molar inclination during rapid maxillary expansion.

A new method for the assessment of changes in molar inclination during RME

Information technology, revolution in orthodontics (EnglishItalianSpanish)

W. Ronald Redmond

Abstract: The author shows an effective digital information distribution system. Centrally stored information permits five orthodontists to access patient data from seven offices located in two states.

Information technology, revolution in orthodontics

Cephalometric software: a trial on the road (EnglishItalianSpanish)

G. Floria, A.R. Mazzocchi

Abstract: The cephalometric software market offers at least 20 good products and it is extremely difficult to compare them because orthodontists have different claims. Visual imaging, diagnosis, planning process, and case report presentation are today the fields where the software house must work to obtain the market favor. In this paper we report our personal feelings about the trial of a cephalometric software called Onyx Ceph® 2.4 English version developed by Image Instruments GmbH, a German company. A real case report was prepared following the normal steps in our office to evaluate this product “on the road”.

Selection of abstracts from international orthodontic literature

M. Camporesi