Non Conventional Medicine


Alberto Mazzocchi, VJO Associated editor
Bergamo, Italy

According to recent reports, 25% of the European population has tried NCM (Non Conventional Medicine) once in their life.
Germany has the highest peak (65% has tried NCM), but also in France 48% of the population uses NCM.
In Italy NCM is a recent discovery and its diffusion is circa 15% of the population. Among NCM, homeopathy is the most frequently used therapy. It seems that homeopathy popularity is increasing in those countries where there is an increased welfare and much more health care. This fact can produce a stronger interest toward less invasive therapies with less side effects. People seem to be more interested in avoiding antibiotics and anti-inflammatory drugs for children and kids who could require some minor surgery operations like teeth extraction, canines disimpaction or frenulectomy. We believe that knowing the principal homeopathic remedies is a good opportunity that permits to manage patients both with conventional and non conventional remedies. In the present issue, VJO publishes the first article on homeopathic remedies used during orthodontic therapies. We hope to stimulate readers’ attention in order to do more research on these topics. I believe that the following sentence, written more than 100 years ago, is still valid:

“Try everything and take anything good: this is and this remains the first goal of our Science. Medicine is Science of experience; it is continuous experiment and this experiment never ends.
Only with experiments, discussion and opposition, the continuous and free research will be able to separate truth from falsehood, useful from useless.” (C. W. Hufeland 1830).