The beauty


The orthodontist often finds himself making therapeutical choices that will influence the aesthetics of the face. We assume that he is able to distinguish the beauty and the harmony of a face and a profile. After all, the concept of beauty is very dynamic by its nature, changing in time and in places of observation.

Today, the ideal standards that we are used to following, do not seem to be up to date if we evaluate what the public considers as beautiful and attractive; standards that are being weakened more and more by the mixing of the races and the multi-ethnicity of the society.

Consequently these bring forth the necessity of new evaluation instruments that would help us visually and numerically in obtaining maximum aesthetic result not extrapolated from the specifics of racial characteristics, but that also takes into consideration the change of taste in time.

In this edition we publish a study that proposes an interesting modification in the method originally attributed to Schwarz for the analysis of the profile.

“There is nothing that makes its way more directly to the soul than beauty.”